5 Hipster Coffee Shops in Houston

Here are a few hipster coffee shops in Houston, one that has belly dancers and another that is dedicated to helping Houston’s homeless and everything in between. Here is a mix of 5 coffee shops, in no particular order, you can go to in Houston and feel like a true hipster (typewriter not included).

Photos by Cody Heart @CodyHeart


Tout Suite

Tout Suite is one of my favorite cafes in Houston, It’s a relaxed vibe and I can spend 6 hours here working and I won’t even get a second look. From the window of the shop I get a good view of downtown Houston and Minute Maid Park. Tout Suite sits on the edge of the warehouse district, on an up and coming area that is constantly under development.

On top of having excellent coffee, their bakery and food are hard to beat. Often times I will come in and get a grilled cheese and a chocolate cupcake and not move for hours. They are set up in an interesting building, it was originally a Ford Dealership, then an oil shop, then made into a night club and finally the café that it is today. The different architecture adds to the style of the place, and makes it one of the most unique coffee shops in all of Houston.

EQ Heights

The Heights is a city within a city itself, tons of small shops and some of my favorite spots to go to on a weekend. EQ is my favorite spot in the heights to sit back and take a load off, especially in the Houston heat. The coffee shop is a renovated house that has been gutted and filled with couches and comfy chairs. The design and layout of the building invites you stay awhile and relax.

Owner Kevin Blasini says “We want EQ Heights to become a social house, we plan to serve great coffee, teas and food in a welcoming atmosphere where people can connect with friends. Local residents will be able to bring their computer or their kids and relax for awhile in different areas of the café that promote socializing, dining, working or studying.”



If you’re not careful you will walk right by this place and not even notice it, it’s a two story building that is covered by trees and vines. On one of the busiest streets in Houston, this is one of the most chill places to sit back and grab some coffee. When you walk in you will immediately feel a different atmosphere that’s unfamiliar but very inviting. You will be greeted by an open floor plan style with a mix of Geek and New York architecture all over the walls. As well as having an amazing atmosphere they have super fast wifi and they are open till 2am.

Make sure you head out there on Wednesday nights about 10:30, this is when they have the Belly Dancers come out and put on a show. They clear out a large open spot on the wooden floor for the dancers and put on quit a show.



Blacksmith is a coffee shop in Montrose with a quaint vibe. The owner, David Buehrer, has created a shop with amazing coffee and awesome food. This is less a place where you take your laptop and stare at a screen for a few hours and more of a place you want to take your friends and get lost in a conversation.

John Letoto, Director of coffee education/head roaster at Greenway Coffee, is another reason this place has succeeded. He has helped keep the standard for Blacksmith high and made sure that everything you eat and drink is the best quality possible.

They also just opened another coffee shop in the Height called Morningstar, a coffee and donut shop, go check it out.


Paper co.

Paper Co. is in my top 5 spots in Houston to grab food and coffee. On top of having freshly made food that is prepared every day they are dedicated to giving back to the homeless in Houston.

“Every day we offer a healthy meal, on a sliding scale, so that nobody has to go hungry. If you can, we ask that you pay the suggested price (or more) so that one of our homeless neighbors can have a good meal.”

A good brunch spot with deli sandwiches, pastries and a good selection of coffee, this should always be a stop when in downtown.


All photos provided by Cody Heart with Urban Adept, check out their IG @Codyheart @Urbanadept

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